"No Advertisement"..... "Only Information" in my Blog

I put some effort to post article in this blog.
Did you Got what you expected, from this blog???
Do you think, its worth to read this blog????
Do you want to contribute with me to create new article that will help most of the people like you?
So that I created "CSR" initiative.

Its not "Corporate Social Responsibility" Its "Common Man Social Responsibility"

If you want to contribute with me, You can donate... Not to me, but to your nearest Beggar, Orphanage, Old-age homes, etc....  that is CSR ==> "Common Man Social Responsibility"

No Maximum and minimum limit for donation. You can spend from 1 Rupee to any amount.

Not only Money... You can donate Books, Food, Dress, or your valuable time, anything.... But it should reaches the one who needs it really.

Once you completed the contribution, you can enter your comment in "POST a Comment" option in this page. Your comment may be look like "I donated $1 to my nearest orphanage for the article "What is Abstract Data Type", from CANADA" or "I gave 1 Rupee to beggar for the article 'C program to find euler Circuit'".

And also you can order me to post new article by posting comment like "I donated $10 to nearest old-age Home to write new article in this blog. Please post new article within 30 days"

I believe that "Action can teach a lot than Words".A comment  "I donated 1$ for this article" will have the most impact than "This article is easy to understand"

You can hide your name and amount you contributed. Both are optional. But your entry is more valuable when you mention your country.

Enter your comment is optional, But If you give your comment in this page, It will encourage me to spend more time to update this blog and create new article. And most important thing is, Your comment will encourage others to do the same. And last but not least You will be BLESSED.

 I just started the initiative. To make it Success "Its in your HAND".

 I hope you can join your hand with me to make our "CSR- Common Man Social Responsibility" to be SUCCEED.

I am waiting for your comment in this page. Hats Off  to You.....

Thanks & Regards
Karuppasamy Pandiyan M


  1. This blog is very useful and gives information more. thank you so much .

  2. and this not upto the people reach you can also publish in different way . so that this useful information can also reach many people

  3. It's Very Useful

  4. Ur article on hierholzer algorithm is awesome man!
    Keep up the good work.