Saturday, July 28, 2018

You can't give what you don't have...Jesus the life giver | Week 5 | Jesus

Jesus is the life giver. 

When Jesus was in cross with agonizing pain, he gave life to thief/to enemies/his mother and disciple/us.

Eventhough we know that Jesus is a life giver, we are not living in the fullness, because We are disconnected from him.

We disconnected because we are rely on others/desire control/try to be the answer/have doubt and fear/are caught in sin/carry unforgiveness.

Even in the natural, it's dangerous if you dehydrate. so in the spiritual is also dangerous if you dehydrate.

Even Jesus when he poured out himself, he would always go and refill from his father.

Don't just get connected, stay connected with Jesus.

Jesus is thirsty for you. Jesus is always accessible to us, but we have to make ourselves available to him.

Be creative in finding new ways to connect with the life giver.

When you meet the life giver, you have to become a life giver to others.

Who are you going to be a life giver to?

Think of ways that you can be consistent in that where you can bring life to those people.

Don't keep it to yourselves. If you find it hard to share your faith, share some compassion, show some love, show some kindness. This world is lacking kindness right now.

Jesus the life giver

It's so great to be talking to you today about Jesus.

We've been doing a series Jesus which is amazing to be able to stand up here what a privilege to come and speak about Jesus to you today.

I mean where do you start? and where do you finish? talking about Jesus is like the ultimate. isn't he he's absolutely amazing. 

I have got a really simple message for you today. But it doesn't matter if it's simple, whether it's complicated, whatever message is, it's from the Bible that the living Word of God

The living breathing words of God that is full of life and wants to breathe life into every facet of your life today. Whether that's your marriage, relationships, friendships, family he wants to breath love.

Bible is living book. It's the living breathing Word of God. It is powerful to do mighty things. We know that how do we know that, because this room is full of people whose lives have been impacted by this words, but not just this room beyond this room in our other locations, but not even just through freedom church throughout the ages, this word has been impacting people and it's powerful and it's mighty to save.

I've got a simple message but it's going to be great, so even outside our building we have some banners that say Jesus, he says I am the way, the truth and the life. You wouldn't believe how many people I have conversations with this say, well it doesn't really matter what you believe? you can believe anything, you can be whatever religion because they all lead together onto one path that leads to the same God. That is an absolute myth and it's a lie.

I don't know whoever made it up, but it's not the truth. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life and no one can come to the Father except through me. Because he is the only one that we can come to and be saved through.

He's the source of life, he is the very essence of life, he's the author of life itself.

Jesus - The Multiplier
We've had such a great time in the series so far. We've looked at Jesus the multiplier. Who doesn't want to go on a picnic with Jesus? I mean you know where you see the equivalent of a happy meal turned into feeding the 5000. I would love to have been there. I mean it's pretty awesome.

Jesus - The Tester
Then, we heard from rose Jesus, the tester which was so good. Because when you're going through a test, that is so such a powerful message to bring. Keep praying for them guys. The test isn't over but we're enjoying it while it's happening.

Jesus and Communion
Then Dave, I mean being with Jesus turning water into wine. Who wouldn't want to be at that party? he brings life to the party. doesn't? he by bringing water into wine and that message about communion. That is life itself to us. So powerful.

Jesus has no grace for Religious things
Then Jesus the whip maker you know to silence those religious that actually lied to us.

Hanging out with Jesus is pretty cool. Even going to a funeral with Jesus would have been pretty awesome. Is he going to raise this one from the dead? but sometimes we can talk about it, like it's in the past. The stories he's did and the miracles you did and how amazing. But he's in the present he's here with us today and these stories are still happening around the world.

We heard and see em rip today that seven people committed their life to Jesus, which is awesome, so Jesus is alive and well and he's also already in your tomorrow. Because, Jesus isn't defined by our time. so he's in the past the present and the future.

I've been speaking out this message to sheep in the field this week. I thought to have a little practice, get out the house, then I was trying to find a really quiet space, because the sheep were a bit noisy. I thought, well go to a graveyard, that's pretty quiet. But when you preach Jesus, the life giver in a graveyard that can be dangerous and it started lightning and thundering. I was like, I'm getting out of here now. Anything could happen and that's the power of Jesus. because he brings life into death situations.

Jesus - The Life Giver
I'm gonna be talking about Jesus the life giver. Because that's who he is. He is the life giver, that's what he does, that's who he is. He brings life wherever he goes in miracles healing, he brings life through his words in fact it says that the word that I spoke about earlier the word the Bible he was the word made flesh. So that's why it's so powerful, it's living. He brings salvation and that is how powerful he is.

He wants to breathe life into every facet of your life today. I've already said that, but I want to reiterate it because people here today, I can see that God wants to speak into your life today and it's powerful.

I was thinking about Jesus, the greatest miracle of all is that he died on the cross. He gave us life, he was being able to be Jesus, the life giver through his death. He died on the cross for mankind is a powerful act for mankind and it's amazing. 

He was on the cross and even in death, he was still pouring out life because he is the life giver. Think about the pain that he must have suffered, and the things that he went through for me, and for you.

Pain and human
Who's been in pain here? anyone, yeah all the ladies mostly. but yeah it did actually ladies put their hands up because it makes you think about childbirth. I've had five babies, I know a little bit about pain. I've never ever told one of my birthing stories. so I thought I'd tell one today. I'm not going to tell all five of them, don't worry and I'm not going to give any gory details. but when you see a woman that's heavily pregnant you think, heck that's got to come out, that is gonna be painful and it's enough to bring your tears to your eyes, just even thinking about it. I was in the labor ward, there was a lot going on. I wasn't really thinking about being a life giver to anyone else that day, well I was trying to give life, I was trying to give birth to this baby, but I wasn't being a life giver. I wasn't thinking about the Midwife, how was she? I wasn't praying for her or anything. In fact at one point, I kicked her right across the other side of the room. I felt really bad about that boy, that's a confession, it's good to confess things. Then I was like Gary don't come near me, just don't come near me. But he dared to do that. He dared to come near me. I got hold of him and I was like push with me, and so every contraction I was pushing down him and he says that I bound his head against the bed frame, but he did break off his tooth. I wasn't very sympathetic, I was like, well if I'm going through this pain, you can have a bit of pain as well. He was in pain with me and then the doctor came in. I was like, I have lot of respect for doctors and nurses and midwives usually. But when you're in pain, something happens to you and you turn into like a different person.  Doctor who came in and said take the gas and air off her. I was like don't you dare do that? and words were coming out of my mouth I'd never heard before. I think I was actually speaking in tongues at the time. 

Agonizing Pain and Jesus
But it got me thinking about Jesus. He's already on the cross, he's in all this agonizing pain, and what's he doing even when he's on the cross, as if dying for the whole of mankind, isn't enough. He's actually on the cross, there's a lot going on. He's giving out, he's pouring out life all around him.

Jesus gave life to thief
There's two thieves either side of him. One is like making fun of him mocking him, being pretty horrible even though he's dying, the other one recognizes him and he knows that he's the one, he's the Christ, he's the life giver. He connects with him on the cross, and Jesus said you're going to come with me today to paradise and so he gives him hope even in a death situation which is so powerful.

Jesus gave life to his enemies
Then the guys on the ground they've spat at him, they've mopped him, they've called in the most foul things, they are the most vile people that you could ever think of meeting, they whipped him, they've done all these terrible things to him. He looks at them and he's praying for them. He's in all this pain, he's in agony. He's praying for them, Father forgive them. They don't know what they're doing, they don't realize Who I am, they don't realize I am the life giver. It's so like powerful when you see the way that he was even in pain, he'd already been whipped half to death and he was on the cross giving out life, it was pouring out of him.

Jesus gave life to his mother and disciple
Then he looks to his mother, he says to John be a son to my mother. He's being compassionate, he's thinking of everything. There's so much going on and he's taking on the whole sins of the world but he's still pouring out life to those around him. It's absolutely amazing. Then He says Mom, be a mother to John because he loved John so much, didn't he? and it's so powerful.

Jesus gave life to you and me
When he comes to the end he says it is finished. He wasn't saying my life is finished, he was saying the mission is accomplished. I came and did what I meant to do. 

Do you know who he had in mind when he said that? it was you. It was Jesus had you in mind when he said that it is finished, because he came and he died for the sins of all of us, he died to set you free so you could live life in all its fullness but also it have eternal life. I mean it's absolutely amazing so he is the savior of the world.

But I always loved this as well. I mean, if you're not a believer here today, whether you are or not. I love it that every time you write the dates or you open your phone you see the date, our calendar system well in the Western world anyway is it's all before Christ or after Christ. Every time you write the day even if you don't believe, it's like Jesus nudging and saying you know your life even when you celebrate your birthday whether you believe me or not, your life is connected to my death and that's why we're living in the 21st century because it's 2018 years since his death. We see that every day and yet people I just find that amazing.

Why are we not living in the fullness?
You might be thanking Jesus a life-giver. Well we know that, everyone knows that that Jesus gave his life for mankind and people. but why aren't we living in that fullness? why aren't we living with the knowledge?  If we have that knowledge and we know he's the life giver, why aren't we living in that fullness?

I know so many people that have been Christians for years, they go to church, they even go to midweek groups(fellowships/prayer cells), and yet they say do you know what? I'm so dry, I'm so thirsty, I'm not coping, I'm not overcoming things, I'm not living in the fullness and I'm not flourishing. 

Why we disconnect from life giver?
It was easy on a Sunday when we're all together with like-minded, we're there in the mosh pit, we're praising God, we might even come forward for a response and then what happens something happens? we leave and then we hit a problem Monday morning and we take control ourselves. 

Because we don't rely on the life giver for our problems that we can disconnect because sometimes we're relying on others in church to be spending time with the life giver instead of spending time with him ourselves and we're relying on people up the front for a good event.

Sometimes we're so controlling, We can't trust Jesus for our problems or things that are going on our lives. We want to take control of everything. 

We try to be the answer, when he is the answer. We try to be the answer to things or doubt can so easily come in, fear can come in. 

Maybe we're actually have got hidden a sin in our lives and we're thinking why aren't I living in the overflow? 

Maybe we're still carrying that unforgiveness all that hurt. 

We have to let go, because otherwise we're not going to live in the fullness of the life that he wants us to do. 

We need to seek him with our problems, we need to read and pray to him, not try and solve things out ourselves.

Maybe if you're going through something really big you need to seek counsel from someone that is a leader it's really important.

Jesus met Samaritan woman at the well
We're gonna look at a story now about the woman at the well. A lot of you know the story, I'm not going to tell the whole story because it's quite a long story. 

Basically, Jesus was on his way to Samaria and he stopped at the well. He said the disciples off, because you know what? they're like, they're a bit of a nightmare, sends them off to get lunch, they never really get what's going on, do they? he sends them off to get lunch and he knows that he's gonna meet with this woman at the well.

Jesus meets with her. Actually Jews and Samaritans didn't mix, they didn't speak to each other. When he spoke to her at the well, she was like so shocked.

Jesus meets with her and he offers this living water that we're talking about because he's the life giver. She has this amazing connection.

Then he says to her, go and tell your husband and she says I'm not married. He said, yeah I know you're not. He says you've had five husbands and now you're living with someone you're with someone that is not even your husband. 

Jesus was having this conversation but straightaway she felt valued by him. Because he spoke to her and like Jews didn't mix with Samaritans and then she has this amazing connection with the life giver.

They have this like talk between themselves. She was a woman who was thirsty, she was drawing water every day but she was thirsty for love she was thirsty because she was looking for the one but she didn't know where he was? She didn't recognize him. She went from man to man looking for the one and she couldn't find him.

Who knows the full story? I mean, I think she was probably full of guilt and shame, she probably had a reputation. Who knows that one of her husband even maybe two in those days might have died. She might have been through terrible trauma of loss, it's a terrible thing. Grief is a terrible thing, we don't know her full story but she was a woman that had suffered a lot of pain and then she meets the one who was the life giver and it changes everything and she has this connection and straightaway she feels so valued and loved by him and she knows.

Then Jesus says, I am the one, he's tell so he says I am the one. She can't contain herself, because when Jesus pours out life into you we're not supposed to contain it. What does she do? she goes off to the village and she tells everyone.

Like I said, she was a woman with a reputation and I'm sure a lot of them thought, oh here she goes, again she's met some other fellow at the well now, some other chap that she's chatting up. But No, they could see that she was different, they could see that something had happened to her and she was like living at that overflow of the connection with Jesus and it was pouring out of her. It impacted that decision that she made that day impacted so many people. Because it was coming out of the overflow of who he was. 

There's people in all of you here today all over the world that I can't connect with, but if Jesus has touched you, you can pour out that life to someone else and there's people in your life, this people in you that you're going to connect with, there's people in you that you need to go reach. Because we're not supposed to contain this living water. 

The whole point of it is that we pour it out and give it to others, It's not to keep to ourselves. so she has this amazing connection and and it's a revelation, isn't it? with the life giver. When Jesus does a work in you, when he does something in you, it has to come out. We're not supposed to keep it to ourselves

I can relate a lot to this woman at the well. I see a lot of myself in her, some of the things I've been through and I'm like he came after me, he searched for me. I was so lost but he came and he found me and I felt so rejected, I felt like I wasn't good enough at times, I wasn't enough that's what the world tells us all the time that we're not enough, but Jesus says No you are enough and he's saying that today that you are enough and he's here for you today saying I want to give you that amazing life because he's the life giver.

I think about, it doesn't mean it's easy. I think about times I'd been in my life, my mom died, all of a sudden it was quite shocking and they said she'll be at home in 48 hours and then she died. It was a terrible shock at the time and then we found out my dad had Alzheimer's. We go through these things but when you're connected to the life giver, the life source he is the one that can help you through these things and get you through them and it makes all the difference. 

I don't know how people live without the life giver in their lives. We should be consumed by him, he's the reason. I feel like I'm consumed by him now, because I've had a connection with the life giver it's amazing.

When you meet the life giver you have to become a life giver to others
So when you meet the life giver you have to become a life giver to others so important, you know so many people are going to be impacted by what he's done in you.

Don't keep it to yourselves. Pastor Gary even shared about the multiplication message. This is the greatest gift that we ever have he's given it to us in our hands, The greatest gift of all, the greatest miracle of all and yet we could so easily bury it or we hide it we're afraid of what people think we put a bushel over it. No, we're supposed to show the world who he is and multiply it by going and telling others and pouring it out of you.

I just want to do a little demonstration just to explain that Jesus like we have to live out the overflow of who he is.

Jesus not stingy, he's good for more than a drop and what he does is, he pours in us. okay it doesn't just give us a little drop like that and expect us to keep going. But sometimes we come into church, we have a little drink, don't we? We have a little drink on the Sunday and then we expect that to keep us going weak and it's saying oh and then we might have a little bit more we go to groups(Fellowships/Prayer cells) and all yeah that keeps us going to the end of the week. But he wants us to live our life overflowed. 

Even in the natural, it's dangerous if you dehydrate. so in the spiritual is also dangerous if you dehydrate. 

What happens is that is overflowing and it just keeps on pouring because the whole point of Jesus giving us living water, that's eternal. it's that we're conduits, we're carriers of his life. What he pulls into us supposed to pour out, we're not supposed to contain it.

It's supposed to pour out of us and that's why we stagnate and go dry, Because we're not sharing the good news of people. We should get excited about it and thrilled about it. When we're sharing it ,that's when it becomes fresh and alive again it's amazing. 

Jesus is more than good for a drop, isn't it? absolutely overflowing.

When you meet him, you see everything differently, everything changes, you see things differently, you hear things differently. He gives you like a new dimension, you see people how he sees people and it changes everything.

Let's be like Jesus. I mean how does it start? how do we need to pour it out? how do we do that?

Starts with conversation 
We start by having a conversation what does he do at the well with this woman? he asks a question. It's don't complicate, it's not difficult, let's keep it simple. 

We just have to start talking to people and it doesn't even have to be pour. I met someone at keep fit the other week and we were coming out and I thought gosh she's lost a lot of weight and so I thought I'm going to compliment her, I'd never spoken to her before and I said you're looking great. We've been doing then she went on to say that she'd brain surgery and so then I said I was able to relate to that because obviously our sons had brain surgery and so she said how on earth did you manage? because I was okay, but my mom was in a terrible state. She was asking how I coped with it? and I said because I have a faith and I was able to pray and it gave me such a peace, I had people all around the world praying with me and then I've invited her to church and hopefully she's coming soon so that's so good.

Just be natural, just be yourself and God will do the rest, he will speak through you. 

If you find it hard to share your faith, share some compassion, show some love, show some kindness. This world is lacking kindness right now. 

It shows someone that they're accepted maybe not by others but you accept them.

Jesus was generous that day at the well, he was generous to her in his words and his love for her .

Even in death situations, we can still be life.

I always think there's two types of people those are believe and those they don't. You've got Jesus on the cross, you got the thieves either side, one believes and one doesn't.

I just try and keep it simple. I think I got a 50/50 chances pretty. I'm not that a gambler or anything, but that's a pretty good way of thinking about it.

In order to pour out, even Jesus when he poured out himself he would always go and refill from his father, and that's sometimes where we're missing it.

We're coming on a Sunday but we're not spending time in his presence ourselves and that's so important.

A geese story
I'm just gonna tell you a little story now about when we first got married. We were a bit crazy. I mean you know this already, I mean it's amazing that you follow us it's really amazing. But actually, before we had kids, we had loads of animals. I was weird while my husband did and I just went along with it. We had geese and we had these geese and they had like eleven eggs they laid and we like didn't even know how that happened they just appeared and we were like then we couldn't wait to see these eggs hatch out. Then one day, the day came when they hatched and they were the most beautiful, gorgeous, sweet little chicks like this fluffy and yellow and cute and gorgeous and we were just in love. It was so lovely. As you can imagine the next day, we couldn't wait to see them again and we went out but there was one egg that hadn't actually hatched. so we thought we'd just leave it under the mom and then so anyway went out the next day and they had all gone, that little ray of sunshine not one of them was left it was really, really sad and tragic. I'm over it now, it was a long time ago but it was really tragic. so this one egg I think of the rats dragged them off and at them, but there wasn't even if I know or something did, I know it's terrible. What happened was this one egg was left so we were like precious about that, it's like the only one left so we thought what should we do? we can't leave it out there it's gonna get eaten, so we put it in with the snake. We had a snake, we put it in the incubator because we thought about keep it nice and warm but then we were like well if we're both away in the day and it hatches when we're not there, the snake is gonna eat it, that's gonna be yes I'm alive and then go there would be just would be just the worst thing ever. We thankfully were there when it hatches out. We got it out of the incubator and it was hatching and it was hard was so exciting, it was like David Attenborough and it was amazing. This little chick hatched ow and so I became the life source to this chick, because we couldn't put it with the mom because it would have got eaten. so I had to be its mother, and so I was working full-time then. I thought what am I going to do? so I put it in the little shoebox, put some straw in there, to cut on the bus with me into work. When I worked at a typing pool, it was like called Lloyd's of London and I was in the typing pool and all the girls thought this was great. I mean I didn't tell the boss obviously. I looked in the box one day though and this little chick looked a little bit, it was just cold, it was still lie but it was cold so I was like what I did what any normal person would have done at this time and I put it down my top to keep warm, it's like the obvious thing to do. I was carried on typing away, then the boss came in and of all the times she could imagine what happened, the chick wakes up and is moving around rather a lot and I'm typing away, the girls are all laughing and I'm dying, thinking this is the most embarrassing thing ever. then I got in big trouble for that, as you can imagine it is like, you are not allowed to bring your pets into work. So I could no longer be the life source to the chick, I know is terrible isn't it? and Gary couldn't really take it to Bible College so I can't even tell you what happened to the birds, this is just too sad.

Joking aside it is a funny story, but we have to link into who Jesus was? and he is the life source. if he's the life source, he is the living vine and let's read this it says

that's pretty straightforward, isn't it? so it's such a key to us if we want to live out of the overflow and live in this fullness of life, we have to stay connected with the life giver, we have to spend time and it's a key to remain in him, spend time in his presence is vital, its life to us. 

So we have to tap into that source. otherwise we will dry up.

He gave us the Holy Spirit for a reason, he's called the helper. He gave us the helper, because we need help and we need to help. but we need to drink from that source.

Don't just get connected stay connected.
So don't just get connected stay connected to him. it's easy to get connected, we have to stay connected. it's so important.

Jesus is always accessible to us, make yourself available
What I love about Jesus, he's always accessible to us, but we have to make ourselves available to him. He's always accessible, he's always there for us. When it goes wrong that times in my life, when I've done things were all gone away from him. It's because I'm the one that's walked away or I haven't linked into that source.

I just wanted to say to the men in particular at this point, you are responsible guys, sorry about this but you are responsible for your whole family. So it's so important that you spend time at his presence. I'm not making excuses, we all need to. But it's so important, because if you lose connection with a life-giver, you are leading your whole family and it's devastating. So keep your eyes fixed on him. 

Be creative in finding new ways to connect with the life giver
Whitewood says well those don't be rigid. aren't we? in the ways that we spend time with him. I find it really hard I'm a creator, I don't like to sit in an office and sit in the same chair every day and do the same, it would just get boring. 

If you think of it like a date I mean we've been married for nearly 34 years. Imagine if we'd had the same date night, in the same place, have the same meal or not bothered having a date at all, we wouldn't have a really great marriage. but we have and that's because, we've done like exciting adventurous things, we've done new things, we've done different things, it's been great. I wouldn't expect to spend a morning with Gary a week and expect a dynamic marriage. We're coming into church, having a morning we're gone a week and then expecting to have an amazing relationship with God, it's just not going to work. But we were just sitting there the other day, me and G. Our house is pretty quiet right now, because our kids have all left while josh has come back with his whole family at the moment which is great, but before that we were sat there reading and Gary was reading a book and I was reading something as well and we were just not talking, not doing anything. then I heard this voice and he said I love being in your presence. I wasn't sure for a minute, if he was talking to me or God but he was talking to me. I was like win. and I said aw that's so cute, I said why? and he said I just love being with you. 

But it should be the same with like we should just love being in his presence, just be with him do something different, do it your way like I said this week, I haven't prepared in an office. I've been in a graveyard have been speaking to the Sheep and it really helped me. because I'm a visual person and like creation is screaming out. I am the life giver and he is screaming out to us. I love to be outdoors, I loved it because that's what connects my heart to him, I love being with him in that way. it just 

When I see a beautiful view and I think and he's painted it for me and it's different every day that connects me immediately, it takes me into his presence. 

I think about relationships in my life that I'm so thankful for and that takes me into his presence.

Don't make it so difficult and complicated and like Dave said about communion you know the natural and the supernatural go hand in hand, don't be rigid you don't have to have communion in church, let's be more natural about how we spend time with him and how we thank him and like put worship on whatever works for you like do it to spend time with him but don't go dry.

that's just a glimpse of who he is? and we're connected to the life giver. I mean that's Scripture that's just a glimpse of the life giver and who he is?

My other question to you today is, who are you going to be a life giver to? because if he's a life giver to us and we're pouring that out, we have to be life givers to others. 

I always get challenged with this myself. I think yeah, I get I keep fit class, I can have a little chat here and there, that's like my market place so I can go to Aldi to my suit local supermarket, and speak to people there, but I was challenged specially after the Eternity messages at the cave. I was like, I need to do something more where I can be consistently speaking into someone or giving that life to someone, not far from here, there's a place that people go to spend the last days of their life on this earth and it's called the hospice. 

I was really challenged that I've got some time on my hands now I was like I am going to go and spend some time in the hospice. I know that's the place where people go to die and that's gonna be, maybe a difficult thing to do. But I know that Jesus can use me to bring life even into a death situation and to bring hope and to bring joy. okay I might not be able to share my faith there, but I can be compassionate, I can do something to make their life really great at the end if I can. Not just them but their whole families are gonna be like there and I've been through that and I'm like I can help people there, I've been through it and I you know I want to use that to help others. 

Think of ways that you can be consistent in that where you can bring life to those people. 

Woman with illness for 12 years
There's just one other woman I want to mention who was ill for 12 years. She a woman, she'd been really ill, she tried everything, she'd been to every doctor you could think of and then she heard that Jesus was coming to town. She knew that he was the life giver and she was like, all I've got to do is reach out and touch him, all I've got to do is to reach out and touch the him of His garment and that's gonna change everything and he's going to heal me, I know he's going to heal me. She did, she managed to touch His garment. 

There was people barge in, it was people all around him touching him, but Jesus knew that this woman was looking for that life source, she was looking for that life and he was like life left him, he knew that she had touched him. He said, who's just touched me and he said by your faith you'll be healed and he spent time talking to her, and adding value to her, loving her for who she was. 

She reached out, because she knew that. there's people here you need to reach out to him today like she did. You need to reach out and touch even if it's the him of his garment, he is going to change lives through that. Just need a little bit of faith, reach out to him and touch him today.

We're just gonna go finish off with this now because we're going to go back to the cross now. 

Jesus is thirsty for you
We started off at the beginning with the cross and like when he said I mean I couldn't believe this, I was really overwhelmed and touched by this. 

But Jesus at the cross, when he said he was thirsty, he wasn't thirsty for a drink, he was thirsty for you. He was thirsty for the souls of men and women and he's thirsty for you today, he is thirsty for a relationship with you today, that's what he was thirsty for on the cross, and that's what he's thirsty for today. 

Jesus wants to be a relationship with his people and he's accessible to you. today.

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