Saturday, July 21, 2018

Jesus has no grace for religion | Week 4 | Jesus

Many people don't come into church today, because they just think Church is all about do's and don'ts. No, it's not about do's and don'ts, it's all about life giving.

The Sabbath was made for the people, and not people made for the Sabbath. God gave us a gift, day of rest. Religion took a gift and made it into a prison by saying you should not do anything on sabbath day.

Jesus came to set us free. He came not for a religion but for a relationship.

False religion makes principals more important than people.

Religion creates legalism - Works based religion.

Religion makes us to become a hypocrisy - Pretending to be something we are not.

Religion makes us to do a Prejudism -Pre-Judgement.

Jesus has incredible grace for sinners, but he has no grace for bad religion. The Lamb of God turns up into Lion When he saw the merchandise in Church. Jesus got angry and made whip. He drove out everyone of them and said, Don’t you dare make my Father’s house into a center for merchandise? He's not doing it to people, he's doing it to religion.

Sometimes we get caught up in religion stuff and we don't even know, we got caught up in it. So I don't want you to identify religion in others, I want us to identify it in ourself.

Jesus has no grace for religion | Week 4 | Jesus

We're in an incredible series here at freedom Church called the Jesus series. This is all about Jesus and we just thought, hey we ran out of ideas let's talk about Jesus.

Do you know what? when you come to the end of things Jesus is always a good place to go.

I'm sure that maybe you're even here today just thinking, hey what more can I learn about Jesus? There are things in Scripture and it actually says, there wouldn't be enough books.

We just got a real little glimpse so we're going to be looking at who Jesus is? and we got something special for you today.

It's perhaps gonna be a little bit different because We want to bring a different angle. Many people when they think of Jesus, they think of the Christmas Jesus and they like that Jesus. 

You think a lot of people who perhaps don't really know who Jesus is? they think of Jesus in the stable and then they might think of the east of Jesus and there's just something about a Jesus who hangs on the cross around someone's necklace or in a church and then there's the Jesus who's the Good Shepherd. 

What about the Jesus? this would be great preach. Jesus who says that your yoke is easy and your burden is light. Be up for that, see we'd love that. But I'm not going to preach on that. 

We love this sort of Jesus who turns the water into the wine. So awesome, but I want to introduce you to another Jesus. Jesus is not safe, he is not safe and I want us to understand this that we sometimes pull out the Jesus we want and that's who we want to serve and we call on him when we need. But there is a Jesus that is not safe

There is a Jesus that when he called the disciples to follow him it meant they would give up their lives. 

There was a Jesus that came along into situations and instead of walking away from difficulty he walked into difficulty. 

When people wanted to kill him and murder him which were the religious leaders by the way, what did he do? he walked straight in there says you want an argument I'm here. But he chose not to answer most of the questions he was asked, he only asked back a question. 

The other way of coming right back at the issue of the heart rather than the actual argument of the question. Today many people want to argue about who Jesus is but until you meet him it's very hard to sort of explain who he is.

There is something about this Jesus that is dangerous even when he was on a boat and he loved just doing a lot of boat stuff. When he was on a boat on the lake Galilee, he decided hey today we're gonna go over to the place where the gravestones are, where the sort of  you're all  bit freaked out because there's screams that come from here because the insane and the sort of the people that demon-possessed all these crazy that's where they are.

They've been deposited there and left and abandoned by humanity so Jesus says we go in there. 

That's why whatever your situation is, wherever you are today, there is no situation that Jesus will not arrive in to. 

It doesn't matter if you think well I've messed it up and I don't know how to come back. He's coming to you, there's something about this Jesus of mine.

Jesus comes to the place where the sinner is, he comes to the place where the rubbish is and he says I've come right down to earth right now.

Jesus takes his disciples they're freaking out and he says we're gonna meet this guy called Legion, and he meets this demon aook, he was like famous because he's so threatening is the most scariest thing you've ever seen and he comes and speaks about his future and he calls him out and sees freedom, he doesn't talk about his issues 

Jesus isn't here to talk about your issues, he's to set you free that's who we serve.

We talk about Jesus and if we think I'm free you know I'm free, we're gonna go on a journey right now to see how sometimes we get caught up in stuff and we don't even know we got caught up in it.

It's a system and this system affects every one of us, because we formulate opinions and belief systems many from our past, many from what we see social media and from it we have an idea of what religion is. 

so what's happening is, you've got like the temple courts is where they're coming into the place of worship, as they're doing it they're selling sacrifices, because before Jesus, there to sacrifice animals there to spill the blood of animals until Jesus came to pay one and final price. 

But here he is, the Lamb of God turns up and he sees all the animals, they were there and they were selling them but what was happening? the poor people were being taken advantage of, the people who were like desperate to somehow common and be closer to God, and to be in his presence, they were coming to buy like the purified animals and they were being taken advantage of. Not only that, they were being charged prices and there was a whole load of crew, it was just corrupt.

Jesus, what do you think he does about it? he walks into this situation and he is gonna get his disciples together, so we just need to go back you know back to your home Peter we need have a prayer me in.

We just need to get together here and have a bit of a discussion, because we just got to think how this could look guys, we're trying to get followers right now and we got a thing how we can use the situation, you didn't do any of that. if you read on what he does is, it says Jesus he gets the disciples over and he says I've got a plan guys, we think suddenly he's like impulsive, No he's calculating, he said well I got a plan so he gets romantic what is it Jesus, this terrible was so upset about it, let's go away and complain all day. Says, no we're gonna do something. 

Jesus says I'm gonna make a whip, Jesus why would you make a whip? so I can witness lot out of here. Jesus meek and mild it says that he begins to put pieces of rope together. When I practice this, it takes me about two minutes 40 seconds, it takes quite a while to put a few piece of rope get the sort of knots on the end he creates a whip. 

This is calculated. The disciples are thinking, Jesus we're trying to get people to follow you, we're trying to get people to see the nice side of you, you're the Christ, you're the one that people want to come and sit around your feet and see the little children, and suddenly you're making a whip. 


Jesus has incredible grace for sinners, but he has no grace for bad religion.

I want to speak about a system which is called a religion. One thing that always disturbs in me is when you talk to someone, straightaway they say, oh you're religious. I know I'm speaking to many people right now, you're thinking, No I don't want to be grouped with the religious because that word can mean some terrible things.

Religion has come in, it's like a system. so I wanted to talk about the way that Jesus confronts religion which is a system, it's not Judaism it's a system that we have right now.

Every one of us, we are vulnerable to religion. I don't know, whatever church you're from but you might be I don't know a church that seems to be out of their modern free, whatever you think you're free of religion, you need to think again. Religion gets into the center of us.

So let's not start thinking about those religious people that do religious practice, because as soon as we start doing things that we don't understand why we doing them it becomes irrelevant. 

Things that are relevant become a relic and that is why religion is often a relic to people and it's not relevant.

So Jesus says, hey I've come to bring life, so he gets the whip out, and he starts whipping the animals out. It says then he doesn't stop there, he turns the tables over and the money is going everywhere. 

I'm sure there would have been some people get angry. When it comes to money, people get angry. Peter's like elbow in them and he's like getting them headlock. so you don't read that bit. There were some upset people that day. In fact he cost so much upset, it said though they ended up wanting to plot to kill him several times. 

But he's coming to religion, I'm not backing off, I'm not going to be intimidated but I'm challenged by this because we often see the face of religion and we want to say all while you know everyone has their own different way, and maybe that's the way they do it, they just sell animals for exorbitant prices to poor people. 

The same thing has happens today but in a different setting. 

Jesus came to set us free. He came not for a religion but for a relationship.

Jesus is not a lamb, he's a lion. When he's picking up the whip, he's not acting as a lamb, he's acting as the lion. He says how dare you make my father's house into a den of thieves? he's mad. 

You will see through his life, the times that he gets mad is around religion. isn't that funny? because we love our bit of old-time religion, sometimes we just love what we know, we feel comfortable with it. 

Probably if you're in a church where you feel comfortable, you're in the wrong Church. Probably you got some religion. because that's what religion does. it suits you, it pampers you and it says hey aren't you off? 

I believe that Jesus when he asked the disciples to follow him, he never said follow me I'm gonna make it a comfortable life for you, you're gonna have a great redundancy, it's all going to be good. He said you got to pick up your cross and follow me. 

So we all think what we like bought into when we followed Jesus. Who was he when he said follow me. He declares war on a system of religion

Healing on Sabbath Day:

I'm going to tell you another verse here in Luke and it's a story about Jesus going to the synagogue, he's going to the church building. it's on a Sabbath and on a Sabbath there's rules. He notices that there's a woman there who for eighteen years has been crippled and doubled up that she's never been able to stand up and it says a demonic spirit who did this to her. She's looked at the ground, could not look up. 

Jesus turns up to the situation where all you can do is look at the ground but Jesus says, No I want you to look up. He's the lifter of your head. 

There's something about Jesus that wants to deal with shame, deal with unforgiveness, deal with condemnation because she would have walked down and in that day they would have all said, look at this woman who is it's because of her sin and shame so she she walks around but she finds herself in the house of God because she's searching after once, she's searching after the Messiah. 

Here he comes right up to her but it's on a Sabbath and he says straight away says, he lays his hand out and he actually touches her and he says be healed and immediately the demon left and she stands up straight. She goes out praising God.

Incredible story, this isn't the only time he did this, He kept going into places he shouldn't heal people.

How ridiculous is that? don't think about the person, there is a spirit of religion here and the spirit of religion saying, alright you okay that might be great what's happened but you did it in the wrong way and the religious spirit will come and bring judgment and will say oh well it might be great that you've seen so many people come to know Jesus but not sure about the method. 

I'm not really sure about the way you guys do worship, I'm not really sure about the way you do it and what this spirit was saying to the people was how dare you, on the Sabbath day see people set free from bondage because religion has come to bind people to disempower them.

In fact even Jesus said, you make the way hard for yourselves but at the same time you even stop others entering the kingdom of God. 

Religion actually prevents people, it doesn't help people. You see the anger. you cannot believe it, you've seen this miracle, there was known it for eighteen years, they were known her, incredible miracle. It's amazing how the miracle, we can get wrapped up with religion and somehow bring criticism.

Our traditions will nullify the Word of God, that's a big concern. 

Now the funny thing is with the Sabbath, when we look at the Sabbath very briefly, there was God gave a command. what was the command? work six days and then on one day you shall rest, even God did it. spring, you know it's a good example. so he gave this instruction, he gave this command then what they did is they made six hundred laws around that one command. 

So there were six hundred laws all around it. example, on a Sabbath you can only walk so many steps. so if you've walked like you can walk out in nine hundred ninety-nine steps, one thousand too much you've got to stop right there, you can't, you need to get something to carry you, because that's work and God is going to somehow look down on you and you think you were disobedient rebellious people.

It says that if someone is in need unless they're dying, come back tomorrow. Because otherwise it could be termed as work. 

We know that Jesus had his disciples in the corn field, and they sort of picked something and then they said what are you doing on a Sabbath? you're working because you picked something to eat. Imagine because like six hundred, this is just over one command. 

I want us just to be thinking about the three things that Jesus came to smash around the system. so there's the system of religion I'm gonna try and condense it real quick in three areas because we need to identify it. 

I don't want you to identify this in others, I want us to identify it in ourself and you'll see why? because we get so religious around the way others do things, but he wants to speak about the way we do things, he wants to change our heart over these things. 

When they were in the temple, selling making a profit, they were more interested in profit than his presence. 

Sometimes we could be more interested in our system then his presence as a real challenge. 

When I talk about false religion what does it do? it makes principals, my principles and the way we do things, the way we do worship here, the way our building is, you think about it people are having issues what is it? what happened in on this Sabbath day? it was the fact that you healed on ,see it's a principle our law says you can't do that, oh let's put that poor woman who suffered for 18 years aside for a minute and talk about the principle and this is how you recognize this spirit of religion within us, when we get more interested about the way something's done, when we get more interested in our preference rather than his presence. 

I just don't think we should be doing that. I think some of those guys are a bit too young to be getting up the front. I've heard all of these things. 

Can we hear this message? because some of us right we've come in even right now we're just like half asleep, and yet we're full of religion. 

I'd ask you with you, Will you press in and hear this? because you see religion one wants to make you comfortable even right now a few of us relaxing back are, yeah about Jesus and religion and the Sabbath and you're the very one that needs freedom, because you're bound up, banged up and he wants to bring freedom. But you need to be ready to respond. 

We know just coming to church isn't enough, well don't you came and sat on a chair today, it's not enough. we've got to come and meet this Jesus.

This real Jesus, God I think why we're here? is it for a relationship? or is it just to fulfill a duty? 

I think I'd rather people that really want to be here. you know I'm talking about the church and about owners okay and if you're a guest you're so welcome but if you call yourself a Christ believer and you're here, I really hope it's because of this relationship with Jesus that you'll come in after him. because we need him more and more. 

So we've to realize that religion will make principals bigger, they're not care for people.

1. Legalism 

So the first thing I just want to cover real quick is legalism, these are one things that Jesus came to smash.

When I think about legalism, legalism is a work-based religion. What it means is hey we're gonna keep to the rules and as long as we keep to the rules my heart can be in whatever condition inside, but as long as I fulfill the rules, and as long as I go to church, as long as I do the Christian stuff I need to do and as long as I do my good works sees where good works we are starting. What happens? pride starts coming in saying why? you are fool, you're better than this person.

Legalism starts to inflate you. This is why Jesus went to town on the religious leaders, the Pharisees, Sadducees. He went to town because they were there saying, hey aren't we better than those because we pray for an hour, aren't we better than those because we come and we end up sort of putting our money in before everyone and saying look how much we give to God. then Jesus says, yeah but look about the widow she comes and gives everything she has from her heart because this is about a heart, it's not about a law,

This is about a heart that loves Jesus, it's not about law that you fulfill because you can never fulfill enough laws to win and earn your salvation.

Because what it means is we end up being self justified, when Jesus is the only one that justifies us from sin. and that is why like truth that is do you know what is only by grace that we are saved, none of us can do enough.

As soon as we start thinking, well I've done this, and I've done that, and I've served the church, and I've like given my life in that, it's legalism.

People sometimes can't see the real truth, because they get stuck in legalism and this comes from this spirit of religion.

It's rather to do with my work rather than his work.

What he's saying is God gave you a gift and the gift was a day of rest. You took a gift and you made it into a prison. 

We as people see legalism does this, it will take what God meant for good can worship in spirit and in truth, and then it's like whoa I don't know about those like jeans they're wearing, and what about them hats they wear as well, I'll sure if I believe in hats, it's just amazing that we can get legalistic about something that God has given us because we came from a background that wasn't really, we've got backgrounds and we've got opinions already formulated and he was coming to smash those things and he said I'll I gave you this was a gift. 

The Sabbath was a gift but you made it a prison because you're serving the Sabbath but the Sabbath is there to serve you.

Every time we get the wrong order and we get the wrong thing. What happens when we get it out source, we end up serving that rather than that serving and blessing the people of God. that's what he's saying, he said you got all bound up with this.

I came from a background where you know my early years, we went to church Sundays. I had a whole list of things I was not allowed to do. The big thing was you can't play on a Sunday, you can't play football, you can't play certain things, you can't watch TV. Where's that come from? and we have things you see where we and when this impacts us we start projecting it onto others.

What we've done over the years is, we've created buildings, and this happened after Jesus, what do we do? man created buildings where was more about the building than about worship, it was more about we got to go to the building and you got to be allowed in the building but only the special people sit towards the front of the building and if the building's really ornate and really fantastic it's a great piece of architecture but then people made it about the building and it's not about the building, but even today I hear people that know Jesus they were talk about their preference of building when it comes to worship, you got some religion my friend. 

Religion snares you, traps you, they even took the word of god that was in Latin and they chained it to the altar. Because they didn't want the common man to get hold of it, because then he'd really see what Jesus was, who he was? and then they kept it within a certain group of religious leaders that then used it to bring control. This is what Jesus is coming against, this is what Jesus is saying, I've come to make you free. I'm sure many people they don't come into church today, because they just think Church is all about do's and don'ts. No, it's about life giving, it's about the rules that are there or to see the best life you could ever live and for anyone that is involved in a broken marriage his way is the best way when it comes to marriage.

You might say what about all these do's and don'ts, yeah you do it your way, you probably find that, they'll possibly break because without Jesus we're on our own and there was just something about him speaking to us saying come on, you got to watch out for legalism.

When we get to heaven does speak different people and they say all on this on that, when we get to heaven and I don't know say there is these pearly gates and he's like you turn up you say Here I am and then now Saint Peter is they're saying, right okay you've got your name, I'm a Catholic, I'm a Baptist, I'm Anglican, I'm from freedom. because I speak to people and they immediately want to tell me what they are? he is going to go through that list he's gonna go all got a Katherine, mmm Brenda, Fred. I got nothing by that name here, nothing written in the book of life, your name's not in the book of life because you put your faith in a system, you put your faith in a denomination or a movement name when he wanted to know you, when he wanted you to come to know him, 

That's not a digger anyone, it's a digger religion. When we just think that I will, I'm this and I'm that, it will not save you when it comes to that day, only the fact that you believe and you follow Jesus as your Savior and Lord.

It says those that not just here but those that did, those that followed, those that turned around and went after him. He says those are the ones, many people call me Lord, but I didn't know them, I don't know who you are. 

You can say religious language but unless you know me and follow me I don't know who you are. 

Religion has this like great way of making you feel comfort, say all I'm part of this club ,and I'm a member of this church and I've been going for so long. we do some great things and some great charitable things and you know I just feel Jesus came to Smashing.

I know some people might feel a little bit cautious or freak out, but I just challenge you, he wants to bring freedom to you because it grabs a hold of you.

2. Hypocrisy: 

Next one is hypocrisy. it's another thing Jesus came to smash. it leads you see from legalism, pretend to be something we're not.

As I said, Jesus had this incredible grace and patience right for a prostitute, he's all over her with love and say I'm not here to condemn you. come to the religious, this religious group of people they were like moral upstanding, they made all the laws, they were big givers, they were big prayers. if you listed it, you would think wow what an amazing group of people. They're the people he calls a group of vipers, they're the group that he says you're a bunch of snakes to their face. Jesus great, doesn't do it behind their face, it says it to them and he says you need to saw yourselves out because you'll like a cup like on the outside you've cleaned it all and it's like you put it on the side, it's like that wonderful lovely painted, look at it, but inside its filthy, its moldy and rotten.

When the sinner comes to Jesus, they don't come with any pretense.

In fact, if I share anything with you it's like we got to be real people too, we got to come and not pretend to be something we're not. because we have a habit of getting around Church and start thinking that we're more like, we deserve a bit of this, the bit of entitlement going on here and from EGC we end up there not looking at our hearts.

I've seen this time and time again where people will come and challenge me over maybe around tithing, because they want to make an issue out of it. they agree with they want to make an issue about it. When the guide is talking to me has got a great big issue with pornography but he's making judgments and he's making very strong divisive statements but it's like hey I'm here my polish stuff, do you know? I know this scripture, I know that, I want to tell you what I know. I'm thinking Jesus wants to know who you are? and so funny 

I've known people to leave church because we baptized someone slightly different to the way they think it should be done. 

You missed the whole point, oh that's it me and my family leaving because you didn't say the Father Son and Holy Spirit in the right order. 

Guys this is what religion does, we might think that's stupid, but there can be things with us that will come up and will go off.

I'm not happy about that, I'm not happy about the way that you were I think you should be doing more for the homeless and it becomes an issue, whilst we're not even doing a thing for the homeless, 

We're very good at criticizing others it makes us feel good. We have to look at ourselves.

Jesus speaks this is just to give you an indication of how he's feeling?  

That's what religion will get you to do the plank in my own life and I'm pulling out the speck in yours or can't believe you, I can't believe you slipped up there. 

we see something that we can see but you don't see into people's hearts but God sees into your hearts. that's what he's really looking at.

Guys we'll be so careful that we don't, we're not Sunday Christians, we don't put on a Sunday best and we come with us Sunday language and we do our Sunday worship and then we live a different life through the week.

That's what he's talking about, he's saying woe to you, that's not living the life, it's not living about who he is.

3. Prejudism

The last one prejudice. Jesus came to smash and whip the butt of Prejudism. 

Simply is prejudgment, that's what it means. I'm going to prejudge, I'm actually going to make myself and sit on the judges seat and make a judgement even without any basis of evidence, I'm going to make it on what I think, my experience, the past what I've been told, my belief system, my culture.

What happens is, we like to think prejudism is to do with certain things in our world that are very clearly incorrect. But when it comes to us, we don't like to think that we might have prejudism, but I hear it all the time in church. 

You know for years, we just have criticism about allowing women to speak on the stage, obviously from very strong individuals that felt that it was unbiblical that women should all be allowed to speak on the stage. then I had another group who said we didn't allow women to speak enough on stage, I like meetings all the time ,I stopped those. but at the time, I was thinking what it's like and I had this from people that didn't want to let women and empower women in church they couldn't even leave their own wives, they couldn't even leave their own families but they didn't want women to have any place in church. and you know what we did we released more women and you know that even as pastors around the world. We don't advertise the pastors, I hate this when I see this churches where it's like these are the leaders, oh there they are, all the men, and these are their wives. 

Guys I believe right in gender equality and freedom church. I believe that God has done something with us to say I want to see a church that is not prejudiced around that because where the heck did you get that from? there are these things that come into our life so easily and they want to come and Rob us.

Another area is around things like buildings. we have people that won't come and worship in some of our buildings because we haven't got windows or it's not an attractive building, we're in a cinema right now. People who know Jesus will say I'm not, I don't really prefer that, I'm not comfortable with it oh but I'll go somewhere that there is no life because I've got a window to look out of. see that's what religion does to you. 

Go where there is death but avoid where there is life, because somehow religion got hold you say, yeah but you'll being really good there, aren't you? just keep sitting there, making a difference to no one and the enemy is going to be happy with you.

I'm a great believer that we can worship anywhere, I'm a great believer is not about the building at all, we'll use whatever building we can like there are certain places right now around the world that we're not allowed to meet publicly and we're having a meet in people's homes in secret, think there's any less?

You give me an old church building will worship the heck out of it as well. I don't know issues because I've learned something because I used to be that person, I used to be prejudice, I used to have I think, I well you know this is because I was brought up in a certain way that had a certain way of thinking and I used to think my way because it's what religion does, my way is the right way.

I've learned that my way isn't the right way. I learned that Jesus is the right way because he's the way the truth and the life and who comes to the Father only through him and so it's him that we need ,it's him that we need to worship.

There's something that we're missing Church, there is something we're missing with the way that we do Church. They won't gets about the building in my heart like really eggs for people that just say, hay I love the word, I love your people you know it's just the building.

What about the worship? I've had more people leave our church over the years because our worship is too passionate than probably any other reason. I've had people say if it wasn't for you, you're passionate wild worship and perhaps those lights we come off our people who've sat there with fingers in their ears showing me that we're not happy with amplification all the drums, like we've been through all this I've never had anyone complain that we're having too much quiet worship, so I always just keep seem to be worshiping a little bit too much, it's normally praise is normally passion. 

Passion disturbs the religious, passion worship doesn't disturb the religious. you'd be religious all day to do.

When we we went to Italy, we were in around some of the lovely churches, you walk in and they're like SHHHH? Keep calm, everywhere we went.

Religion grabbed a hold of what was a celebration and turned it into a funeral, that's what a religion will do to you. You've got to recognize that religion will do this.

so I'm probably even speaking to someone right now, maybe you got invited in or maybe you've I don't seen some of like our worship or seen some the way we do things and it's like, yeah but I'm not you know, yeah but, you already came in with an issue which is prejudism because you decided that guy with a hat on the stage who's leading worship, somehow isn't doing it right and because of that you're not entering to the presence of the Lord.

You've decided that maybe the way that we do things isn't the way it lines up with you and I gotta say some of you have been even in our church for some time but you just don't quite fit, you think it's about the way we're doing stuff and you're even thinking or maybe I don't think your vision is our vision connecting anyone anywhere, but I want to just give you some revelation here that's the spirit of religion,

I believe that God has brought you into our church for a reason, for a purpose. I'll tell you, what is religion that was stifle out of you by saying all, nope that's not right and the way that's done and they don't do enough of this and this isn't presented that way.

I'm gonna make you an issue based living person that always has issues. You sit there quietly for maybe a year or two until things you know something comes up and you disagree and then just thinking I don't think it's really our place.

I'm saying to you it's the spirit of religion that is upon you legalism will do that to you and God wants to come in and set you free. Because it will rob you. You'll go into another church and another place for you is down the road, you're gonna have the same issues. Because you've decided to be an issue based person through accept spirit religion over your life. It's time to get free from the prison, it's time to break out from the prison Jesus came to break us out.

Guys we got to understand, this is the real Jesus, this is the whip maker Jesus, he's not doing it to people, he's doing it to religion. he's coming against the spirit religion says this robs and sucks the life out of God and of people. 

The worst thing is they do it in the name of God. The enemies do have been doing it for centuries, we put crosses on buildings, we do in the name of God and we suck the life out of people and we limit them and we tie them up and we say you're in bondage, that's what the spirit of religion does and we do it in the name of God and Jesus come to break it open, he came to change it all.

We can try and fix often situations within our life like problems we can try and fix situations that happen in our life, but we often end back in the same place.

It's like a temporary fix. I say if we have a spirit of religion that works through legalism, through hypocrisy, through our prejudism about the way we prejudge others, you'll keep going back. 

Until you break the system, you'll never get free of your situation.

We wonder why we keep going back to the same place? we get fixed for a while, we hear a word and we respond, it's like, yeah some freedom for one we go back to it.

If you look at those three things in the spirit of religion, that's the thing, we got to break that system that wants to come and rob what Jesus did.

I want us to search our hearts, every one of us. Don't you start thinking about someone else, think about how his religion? I got religion hold of me and you know the response to it is repent. it means changing my mind, turning around, recognizing it, throw myself upon God's mercy and say god I'm so sorry that I judged people, I pointed at others and I said that's not the right way. 

Jesus came to bring us freedom, right now some of us are bound up in a system, prejudging others and he says the way you judge others it will be the way you'll be judged.

1 Corinthians 1:26-31
[26-Brothers and sisters, consider who you were when God called you to salvation. Not many of you were wise scholars by human standards, nor were many of you in positions of power. Not many of you were considered the elite when you answered God’s call. 27-But God chose those whom the world considers foolish to shame those who think they are wise, and God chose the puny and powerless to shame the high and mighty. 28-He chose the lowly, the laughable in the world’s eyes—nobodies—so that he would shame the somebodies. For he chose what is regarded as insignificant in order to supersede what is regarded as prominent, 29-so that there would be no place for prideful boasting in God’s presence. 30-For it is not from man that we draw our life but from God as we are being joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. And now he is our God-given wisdom, our virtue, our holiness, and our redemption. 31-And this fulfills what is written: If anyone boasts, let him only boast in all that the Lord has done!]

Remember where you came from, remember the mess that you were in, remember from where you've come. He saw you and he found you. He cares about everyone.

If any of us should boast, let us boast in him. Let us not boast in what we have done or achieved, because it was all him.

We're able to come into his presence today all because of him and he wants to remind you of his blood of the sacrifice but the Jesus that came and paid the price for every one of us.

If you're a believer here,Pray to Holy Spirit that, will you reveal to me any area of prejudism, hypocrisy, I pretend I'm something else that I'm not.

When we get legalistic about issues they're robbing our life.

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